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  • What is inside a mass kit?
    What is inside a mass kit?

    Inside a mass kit, you will find essential items used during the celebration of the Eucharist. These items play a crucial role in the sacrament and ensure its proper administration. The main components of a mass kit include the chalice, paten, ciborium, cruets, and pyx.

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  • Is it okay to burn incense as a Catholic?
    Is it okay to burn incense as a Catholic?

    Incense has been an integral part of Christian liturgy since ancient times. Early Christians adopted the use of incense from Jewish traditions, where it was used in worship and sacrificial rituals. In the context of Christian worship, burning incense holds symbolic significance, representing prayers rising to heaven. This practice is deeply rooted in the belief that the aroma of incense creates an atmosphere conducive to prayer and meditation.

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  • What is a thurible and boat?
    What is a thurible and boat?

    A thurible and boat are essential items used in religious rituals to carry burning incense. These ceremonial tools hold great significance and symbolism, representing prayers rising to heaven and purifying the sacred space. The thurible, typically made of metal with a chain or rope for swinging, holds the burning incense while the boat serves as a vessel to transport additional incense. As the fragrant smoke fills the air, it enhances the spiritu

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