We offer the following payment methods in our store:

Traditional transfer: a form of payment for all customers who prefer to log in to their bank online, visit to pay for the order. After placing the order, the customer receives by e-mail the bank account number along with the necessary data, to which the correct amount should be transferred. At the moment of posting the transfer to our account, we start the ordering procedure.

Quick PayPal Online Payments: Payments by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. PayPal has one of the world's best anti-fraud systems. Payments through the PayPal system are secured by the SSL standard.

Payment by card (VISA, Mastercard): We pay you by our payment partners Dotpay and PayPal by credit card. Additionally, by paying with a card through the Dotpay, PayPal system, you do not provide any bank data, including an account number. Our store only receives confirmation of authorization.

Transakcje kartą płatniczą

Settlement of transactions by payment card and e-transfer is carried out via

To use this form of payment, your card must have a CVV2 code.

Rewers karty płatniczej

CVV2/CVC2 code are the last three digits on the back of the credit card.